Route Package Protection

Route Package Protection

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Provides myofascial release to eliminate muscle knots and reduce inflammation and strain on soft tissue trigger points without the need to lay on the ground or balance a ball on a wall or floor.

Once mounted, simply lean on Vertiball or Vertiroller with your body weight to relieve muscle knots and tension. You control how much pressure to apply to your back and muscles.

Symbodi massagers let you control pressure intensity. No more balancing balls or lying on the ground. Find relief anytime, anywhere.

Designed to be compact and travel friendly in order to alleviate muscle pain safely any time, anywhere.

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We didn't invent the massage.

We made it better.

Discover uncharted comfort.

Bundle and Save.

relief in minutes

All it takes is 5 minutes a day to start feeling your best.

Improves flexibility

Boost your range of motion.

Relieves tension

Increases blood flow, decreases tightness.

FSA/HSA Eligible

Frequently Asked Questions

  • An industrial strength airlock let's you mount your attachment on to any smooth non-porous surface. There need's to be an airtight seal around the edges of the suction pad and the surface. For more information, please visit the user guide.
  • It can mount to smooth sealed surfaces like metal, plastic, laminate and smooth painted drywall (at least two coats of paint).
  • While uncommon, Certain paints have properties that can prevent the airlock from activating. When using your Symbodi Massager on any new surface it is important to test the mount's ability to stick to it.
  • The airlock system will not mount to stucco or textured drywall, wood, brick, concrete, or wallpaper.
  • It can mount to smooth sealed surfaces like metal, plastic, laminate, and smooth painted drywall (at least two coats of paint).
  • While uncommon, certain paints have properties that prevent the airlock from activating. When using your Symbodi Massager on any new surface it is important to test the mount's ability to stick to it.
  • After 30 minutes of using your device, remove it from the wall and re-clamp to restore any lost suction.
  • The Airlock mounting system is not a permanent mounting solution and can easily be mounted and removed from your wall/surface.
  • Absolutely! Symbodi Massagers are designed with ergonomics in mind and can be easily used as a hand held device. Even if there's no suitable surface in sight, you can still get the massage you need with ease.
  • Ensure that the hard plastic suction cup cover has been removed and the suction cup is clean of dust and debris. Dust can disrupt the seal and allow air to escape. If there is dust or dirt on the surface, clean it off with a fabric cloth damped in warm water. Cleaning the suction pad regularly with soapy water, or alcohol swabs will reduce the risk of oils damaging surfaces.


Real Knots. Real Relief.

I am a Licensed Massage therapist and been in practice for over 21 years. This is the best thing ever. No more using the manual self massage tools and not being able to get all the spots. This product solves everything!
-Paul J, Symbodi User
I am constantly looking for tools that will help my patients with their aches and pains. The Vertiball is that tool. It not only assists in taking away muscle soreness and pain, it is a device that can help prevent injuries.
-Dr. Marc Legere, Symbodi User
I have chronic neck and shoulder issues and this what gets me through the day or what helps me relax at night. I even bring it with me when I travel!
-Ivy, Symbodi User

Customer Reviews

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Amy G Wilburn
Love this thing!!!!

Love it so much that I sent one to my mom!!!

Lisa B.

You can put this on any wall, at any height to get to the places that hurt most. Excellent product.

Adia Pam
Great but....

Great product but you have to have the right surface to mount, doesn’t mount on just any wall. It would not work for our home.

Laura Baker
Doesn’t stay attached

It doesn’t stay stuck on a smooth wood door frame which is the best surface and place for our use.