User Guide


  • The airlock mounts to smooth sealed surfaces like metal, plastic, laminate and smooth painted drywall (at least two coats of paint).
  • The products will not stay secured to porous, unsleaed surfaces like with stucco or textured paint aswell as unpainted wood, brick and concrete.
  • Do not attempt to mount the airlock to wallpaper or plaster-finished walls as it may cause damage to the coating.


  • When using the product on a new surface for the first time make sure to test the airlock.
  • Lock the mount on the surface, let it sit for 90 seconds and then pull hard sideways on the mount.
  • If the mount slides or moves slightly when pulled, then the airlock is leaking and the product can’t be used on the surface.
  • If there is no movement it can be used on the surface.


  • After 30 MINUTES of using the product remove it from wall reset the airlock to restore any lost lost suction. The airlock is not designed to be a permanent mounting solution. When finished using the system always remember to remove it from the wall.
  • Make sure to always check the airlock pad for dust and debris before mounting vertiball or vertiroller. Dust can disrupt the airlock seal and allow air to escape. If there is dust or dirt on the surface clean it off with a fabric cloth damped in warm water.