Meet the Pros: Clelin Ferell

meet the pros: clelin ferrell

professional football player, las vegas

"Vertiball's really going to take my game to the next level."


hometown: richmond, va

draft year: 2019

location: las vegas, nv

What makes Vertiball different? 

With the mounting system I can get parts of my calf, Achilles or I can even raise the Vertiball up high and I can get parts of my neck on both sides. It just triples the amount of uses you can really put to it so that's one of the reasons why I love it so much.

How do you cool down with Vertiball?

If I’m just walking, just getting home or something. I feel like, ‘I got a little something in my shoulder,' I just go up there, get the right angle on it and I just hit it real quick for a quick 30 seconds to a whole minute, and then I feel fine after.