Meet the Pros: Cee

meet the pros: ceedee lamb

professional football player, dallas

"put it on the wall, lock it and get going. it's just that simple"


hometown: oupelousas, la

draft year: 2020

location: dallas, tx

How do you roll out on the go?

I used to have knots and everything, rubbing it out by yourself is not going to get it done. If you don't have your masseuse, that's when the Vertiball comes in.

How do you cool down with Vertiball?

You take your Vertiball in your bag, pull it out, pop it up on the wall. Wherever you're feeling the most tight or your muscles are feeling knotted, you can just put it anywhere on the level of your pain or knots. You put it on the wall, lock and get going. It's just that simple.