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  • Vertiball can mount to smooth sealed surfaces like metal, plastic, laminate and smooth painted drywall (at least two coats of paint).
  • While uncommon, Certain paints have properties that prevent Vertiball from mounting to them. When using Vertiball on any new surface it is important to test the mounts ability to stick to it.
  • Vertiball does not mount to stucco or textured drywall, wood, brick, concrete or wallpaper.

  • After 30 MINUTES of using Vertiball, remove from wall and re-clamp it to
    restore any lost suction. The airlock is not designed to be a permanent
    mounting solution. When finished using the system always remember to
    remove it from the wall.
  • Check your suction pad for dust and debris before using Vertiball. Dust can disrupt the seal and allow air to escape. If there is dust or dirt on the surface clean it off with a fabric cloth damped in warm water. Cleaning the suction pad regularly with soapy water, or alcohol swabs will reduce the risk of oils damaging surfaces.