Meet the Pros: Minkah Fitzpatrick

meet the pros: minkah fitzpatrick

professional football player, pittsburgh

"the time when you're actually growing, and actually getting stronger, is when your recovering."


hometown: old bridge, nj

Draft year: 2018

location: pittsburgh, pa

What makes Vertiball different? 

Vertiball is different than other products. It's small, portable, I can take it to the hotel when we're on the road, take it to the gym, or I can throw it up on the wall, easy, just one little pull of the lever.

How do you cool down with Vertiball?

Usually when people roll out their back, or at least when I did before I had the Vertiball, I used the big foam roller but it doesn't really get in where you need to. But when I roll out with the Vertiball, I can pinpoint specific spots. I think Vertiball is a simple system, but it helps me take my training to the next level.