Roll with the Pros: Dr. Marc Legere talks about Neck Pain

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Neck pain affects 30-50% of the adult population and most neck pain goes untreated. That's why we reached out to Dr. Marc Legere of PATCH Chiropractic for our latest Newsletter. 

Watch the video at the end of this section to learn some simple tricks and tips on how to effectively treat neck soreness with Vertiball.

Hey everybody, it's Dr Mark and I'm back again with Vertiball and this time I want to talk about neck pain, or more specifically pain along the muscle called the levator scapula. Now don't be afraid of that term, levator scapula is simply pain along the side of the neck or just off of the middle of the neck. I'll walk you through it and I'll show you how the Vertiball can help you with it.  

With so many people changing what they're doing or where they're working these days they're often getting neck pain and they're coming to me asking… “hey doc what's a simple thing I can use to get some relief ?”, and my first line is always ‘Vertiball’, because it's this nice massage in a cramped or tight muscle.  

The levator scapula is a lifter or think of elevator for your shoulder blade.  It attaches to the upper part of the shoulder blade and it attaches to the upper portion of the neck.  So like I said, it's going to elevate or lift your shoulder or it will also pull your head to the side or a combination of the two. 

So think about how often through the day when you're sitting.  It could be on your phone or it could be at the kitchen table or the dining room table, with our heads forward or our shoulders around.  That position is going to often create pain and discomfort along the levator scapula.  So let me show you how you can use Vertiball to massage and get that muscle to calm down and get relief.

So I just want to remove the ball from the wall mount.  When I attach it to the wall, I'm going to want it about where my shoulder is and maybe slightly a bit below it.  I’m going to lock it in and then I'm going to slide the ball back into the unit and now it's going to be nice and firm and secure.  

This is right about where that levator scapula is, so i'd like to kind of pull my arm across my body or across and down, and then I'm just going to start massaging and you'll feel when you're on that muscle because it's going to feel really good.  

It's going to give you some of that relief from that muscle being so cramped up.  

Then I slowly want to dip down so that the ball is working its way up my neck and I try to get it basically so it's almost where my neck meets my head.  Right about in that area is where you're going to get some really good relief too.  So I'm just going to come in and I’m just going to massage the ball up in that area and.  I’d recommend doing this once, twice or even three times a day whenever you're feeling that pain.   Give it a try, I’m sure it's going to help you as much as it does help me and my patients.

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