Roll with the Pros: Dr. Chris Scott - Low Back

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Roll with the Pros: Low Back

Dr. Chris Scott

Published January 20, 2021 at 5:00pm AST.

Today, more than half of Americans have reported having some type of back pain in their lifetime. The lower back is a body region that is very susceptible to injury based on the demands we place upon it as humans, we flex, extend, bend and rotate all at the low back. Not to mention we call upon our lower back to help keep our body erect and upright as we maintain certain body positions for sometimes hours on end with this being said, we must find a way to, 1: take care of our back appropriately and two: bulletproof our back to be able to withstand all that we place upon it on a daily basis.

Our body is inclined to sit in a position called Anterior pelvic tilt.

This position sets our low back up for failure as it leaves our core elongated and difficult to activate as well as your lower back muscles tight and therefore lumbar spine compressed. This explains the common aches and pains one feels in the low back after a long day on your feet or from sitting for hours at work. In order to reverse this tension created one must mobilize and help elongate that region. To begin sitting on either side of your spine or your pairing spinal muscles, these are collection of muscle that run parallel to each other all the way up your back in order to help maintain an upright posture.

This is the first area to target with the Vertiball.
Remember when using the Vertiball press your low back firmly
into the Vertiball, causing an uncomfortable stimulus in order
to help get your body to help release and relax those type
and overworked muscles.

The second muscle to target is your psoas to find this muscle. Locate your anterior hip bone and dive right inside of that.

Attaching to the front of your spinal vertebrae when tighten or shorten it displaces your vertebrae forward, therefore adding to this improper posture. Lastly, in order to cement this newfound mobility, stretches such as cat cow and child's pose are vital to maintain proper lower back function. As one can see, the purpose of both these mobility exercises is to help elongate the lower back region by providing a stretch to those lumbar spine muscles. These stretches can be. For twenty to 30 seconds each this in combination with three to 5 minutes, daily of the Vertiball will rid any individual of your everyday common back pain.

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