Motivational Workout Quarantine Tips

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Studies suggest that exercising at least three to four times a week is sufficient to help keep the body healthy. Although the gyms are currently closed, that doesn’t mean you should stop exercising. There are many ways to get your steps in to help you maintain your fitness goals. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your box to try new things this month. Here are a few tips to help keep you motivated through this tough period.
Tune into Virtual Workouts
The workout grind doesn’t stop, even during the quarantine. Just because the gyms are closed doesn’t mean you cannot burn some calories. With that being said, if you have a local gym, try to see if they are offering virtual classes online; so, you can get your workout in for the day. Aside from your gyms, don’t hesitate to use social media and video streaming platforms such as IGTV and YouTube to find a virtual workout you can partake in every day. As always, make sure to work out with a professional trainer before tuning into the routine.
Eliminate Nearby Distractions
Now, exercising at home comes with a few downsides, such as distraction. A simple text message or phone call can distract your exercise mood, which makes each session longer than it should be. Before beginning your workout, be sure to remove all electronic devices from your area to help minimize distractions.
Also, you may have to change your workout times since you are exercising at home. If you live with other people, aim to choose a workout time where your home environment isn’t too noisy. Altogether, this helps eliminate distractions so you can get your steps every day.
Try New Workouts
Equally important, this is an ideal time to try new workouts and exercises. For example, try to interchange your exercise days with different types of workouts. Another example, if you love cardio, try kickboxing some days instead of running. Ultimately, this is an excellent way for you to discover new exercises that you may enjoy.
Create Challenges with Friends
Lastly, a great way to stay motivated during this period is by holding yourself accountable. An amazing way to do this is by persuading your friends to get involved in workout challenges. Workout challenges are a phenomenal way to keep every engaged and on their toes to get their workouts done for the day. Your group can even throw in a prize for the person who performs the best during your challenges. All in all, challenges help keeps everyone motivated to maintain to reach their fitness goals.

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